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Make Money Using Facebook Ads


How to set up your Facebook Page and advertising account How to create your first Facebook Ad Advanced targeting techniques to find the perfect audience for your offer The different types of audiences you can target The different types of ads you can create How to write amazing ad copy that will convert How to devise a smart bidding strategy.

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Social media is today one of the biggest tools that marketers have to promote their brands. This is a particularly direct, targeted and personal means to connect with an audience. It lets you do this in a way that is persuasive, pervasive and purposeful and it allows you to create a real synergy between your marketing and your website or blog.

And when it comes to social media marketing, nothing beats Facebook. Facebook is not only the biggest social media network by far but it is also the best suited to marketing with the widest selection of highly powerful tools and the most data for you to use to find the right audience.

But what’s really great about Facebook as a marketer, is that it gives you the tools to reach that audience directly. Better yet, it gives you the tools to reach a specific sub-section of that audience and to thereby connect with exactly the right kind of
person who will want to buy your product. It then allows you to convert those leads from cold leads, to warm leads, to customers

– and to keep them highly engaged with your brand along the way.

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to do this, allowing you to hone in on precisely the type of person that will want to buy your products. What’s more, is that they allow you to do so in a manner that lets you tightly control your spending, ensuring that your advertising falls within budget and that you can scale it as you grow your business.


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