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I sit on an extremely crowded moving train waiting for my station to arrive, as I look around the platform I am suddenly struck with the realisation – I have an unfair advantage over others in regards to my finances.

Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about right now. Today I have just enough to last me for the month.

The unfair advantage I am referring to is ‘My open Mind’.

Now that might seem a little arrogant thing to say and maybe a little spooky. And I say this not because I can everyone’s minds, nor have I gone around the platform demanding to know what they are thinking. I just see it in their faces, how they present themselves and their body language.

Let me explain where I am going with this…

What I am eluding to is the fact I am about to embark on a major change in my life!!!

And the chances of anything else following suit is highly unlikely, in fact by the looks at the crew of people sitting around me, it’s pretty much slim to none.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am hoping that I am not the only lucky soul with a major life change. In fact I would everyone in this train to experience what I am feeling now. But trust me, I can assure it is not the case.

This will be a journey where there is no turning back. No I am not talking about anything dangerous, far from it. The answer is I am going to change my career to a Consultant/business strategist copywriter and a Professional Speaker.

That will mean no more busy trains, no more sitting next to smelly people, no more people snoring in your ear as I write this. More importantly no more working on a wage that will never allow me to buy a house. No more doing menial tasks I need to do on my current role. And no more working with people I don’t like.

Maybe there is someone here that has the same life change as me. Maybe, but highly unlikely.

End of train journey, time to get off the train.

Ali Khan