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Identify the Right Question

It’s 10am Monday morning. Tim is sitting in his office at his desk; he is facing the shop window looking at all the cars he has for sale. “Why am I not selling more cars than I should, what am I doing wrong?” he says to himself.

These are good questions to ask, but it is not the right one. His conversion on selling cars is high. To the people who step into his showroom, he has this great ability to listen to what they need and align then those prospects to their desired car. This was also due to his deep knowledge with cars.

It is then he realises he is asking the wrong question. What he really should be asking is:

“How do I get enough people coming to my showroom?”

At this point Tim realises everything he has done to promote the shop has not worked effectively as it should have to generate the right attention.

He decides he needs an expert who will he attract people to come into his car show, Tim hires a Market Business Strategist…

Business Is Turned Around In A Short Time

One month goes buy; his car show is inundated with new prospects coming in everyday. He ended up hiring new staff members to cope with the demand. Multiple of cars were being sold everyday.

The Market Business Strategist did wonders to his business. This is not unusual for him. In most cases he is able to turn business around very soon within a month. Sometimes tangible results are seen within weeks.

What Did The Expert Do?

From the very first day The Market Business Strategist reviewed and critique all the current promotional materials.

He placed trackers for all offline and online ad campaigns; with this he was able to review the data and study the conversion path for each campaign.

He made suggestions to new advertise avenues online and offline.

He created a new leads generation campaign, online and offline, with this he made an automated pipeline process and identify the entry level of the prospect and send them the right material.

Once an automated marketing system is working well,
Then we let the client take over the reins.

I am a Market Business Strategist, I will help to skyrocket you sales to new heights. I do this by solving your current marking issue. My job is to provide you with a ‘Smart Marketing System’ that would help you to generate a lot of cash into the business.

For a Limited time only I will provide 30-minute consultation for FREE. In that time frame. I will give you new ideas you can implement and get results within a few days. I will ad critique you current campaigns.

To Your Success

Ali Khan