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The other day something really embarrassing happened to me.

Well I say that now, I suppose it could have happened to anyone.

As I reflect back I am still a little embarrassed about it. But I can assure you, at the time it was a very stressful situation.

Let me tell you what happened…

It was Monday night at 7.30pm. I just arrived back home after a long day at work. I was hungry, tired and much needed of a good night sleep.

I went straight into the bathroom to freshen up and to prepare for evening. After I had done everything I needed to do. I proceeded to leave the bathroom and continue on with my evening.

But something strange happened…the door wouldn’t open. I tried and tried again but it lock just wouldn’t budge. I was able to more the hand lever but it was not connecting to the door lock. This was a very strange situation to be in.

I couldn’t shout from the bathroom because, one; there was no one else in the apartment. My wife was out for the evening, visiting her parents and two; we were the only residence living in the third floor – what bad luck.

I tried pushing the door but I wasn’t able to make it move. The door was designed to be strong enough to withhold strength of any man.

I opened the window and wondered if I really should climb out. But that idea was soon forgotten as
soon as I saw how high up I was.

I looked around out the window, but there wasn’t a soul in sight. No one was around and now it was getting dark. Perfect timing.

In conclusion I was stuck in the bathroom…

This was the first time in my life I had found myself in a completely helpless situation. Contemplating of staying the night in the bathroom was not going to happen to me, not today, not ever.

I was desperately looked around for someone out the window for thirty minutes, it felt like hours.

Until I finally saw someone parking their car and making their way into the apartment building. I realised it was my neighbour Gabriel (trust him to have a same name as an angel).

I called out to him, he looked up and wondered what was going on. I explained the whole situation and asked him if he could contact the letting agent on my behalf. I remembered giving them a spare key to my flat a few months back.

He phoned but no one picked up. He tried again several times until someone finally picked up. He relayed the information I initially gave him. The agent on the phone explained to Gabriel he couldn’t help because he was about 100 miles away from us. But he would phone around on my behalf to help out ASAP. At that moment I realised the letting company were not going to much help until the next day.

I then decided to look at some other solutions to my predicament, until I came up with an idea. ‘Do you have anything useful I could use to open the door, you could throw it to me to the window and I will catch it?’ The neighbour rubbed his chin and thought for a moment and told me to wait while he would go into the house to take a look around.

Ten minutes passed by until he finally re-appeared. He threw me a knife, I caught it and tried it on the lock but it didn’t work. He threw me other various items such as: a screwdriver, a tin can opener but still I wasn’t getting any luck.

I was beginning to get very agitated, nothing was working for me. I began to wonder if Gabriel should call the fire brigade to get me out from the window. They would not be breaking down the front door without the letting agent’s authorisation.

If I was to climb out from the window and down the fire bridge’s ladder, then where would I go to stay for the night?

All my keys, cards, cash and wallet were in the living room. This was getting to become a really bad nightmare.

‘Let me try one more thing, I have it in my car’. Said Gabriel. He opened the boot of his car and began to rummage around, I could hear sounds of tools being thrown about from the car. He came back with a strange looking pliers. The difference was these pliers were very long and pointy at the end.

He threw them up and I caught them. I placed them into the key hole and turned. Much to my surprise the locks connected, unbolted and the door sprang open.

I was finally free, I couldn’t believe it. My gosh what was an ordeal that was.

I never want to go through again. I informed Gabriel about the good news, threw back the pliers and thanked him for his time. – A few days later I did send him and his a wife a box of chocolates for all their help.

I can remember it felt so good to me free again.

I got a phone call from the letting agent the next day asking me to find out if everything was ok. The scum bags didn’t even bother to come round in person to check, instead they just phoned.

Because of this terrible ordeal I began to wonder to ask the question.

What it would be like to stand on my last day, before my time on this world would pass on?

One might think about all sorts of things at that time, God, heaven, hell, mind switching off, missing family and friends. Yes those things are obvious.

But let’s put those things aside for moment. Those topics are too deep for the purpose of this letter. I want to talk about the one topic most people will definitely think about.

And that is…Regret.

Yes that is true. You would think about regret a lot.

Regret that you didn’t kiss Katie when you had the chance in school.
Regret that you didn’t buy the house right across the Jones when you could have.
Regret that you didn’t punch the last boss you worked for.
Regret that you didn’t kiss Julie when you had the chance in University.

There would be a million and one regrets.

It’s part of our DNA.

Again I can’t cover all the regrets that would be impossible. But there is one regret I can help you with and it’s a biggie.

No it would not be where you didn’t make out with Katie or Julie. You would need a different training program for that.

I am referring to the regret you didn’t put enough aside for the family to maintain a good life after you were gone. You didn’t leave a system in place where the lack of money was not an issue. I am not referring to life insurance. Sure it’s a good thing if you want. But even those funds will diminish.

Let me put this in a question you could answer immediately…

If today was your last day, are you confident enough your business would continue to thrive even without you?

I am referring to an independent business structure that continues to make large sums of money even after your departure. That kind of money is infinite.

If the answer is ‘no’ than its important consider it right away.

I can help you with this predicament. I am a Business Strategist Consultant. My objective is help your business reach to new heights. Marketing is my expertise.

My aim would be to help you structure a marketing system which would function to its maximum ability even without your intervention.

If you are reading this today and in good health than chances are today is not your last day.

Contact me and let me help you create a strong marketing system that will help your business to grow to new proportions.

If you contact me today than I will offer you a 30 minute FREE consultation. In it I will review your current market structure and offer you new insights. You can get hold of me by going to the link. I look forward to speaking with you.

To Your Success

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

PS: Please note I am in the business of eliminating the ‘Regret’ of lack of wealth for the loved ones. Contact me and let’s get started.