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It is said there is no explanation as to how bubble bees fly.

In fact let me take it one step further on this explanation…

Scientists believe it is geometrically and physically impossible for Bee’s to fly. How they do this is has eluded them for years. And yet we all see them buzzing around our garden and fields all the time.

Amazing as this sounds, to get more insights on how they fly, they have considered to fly them into space out of zero gravity to see how they would perform. I am not sure how that experiment turned out. From what I gathered, this aspect of life is still a mystery.

What does this tell us?

It leaves us to conclude even science has flaws, there are limitations to their understanding. This is an example when pure logic doesn’t always trump creativity, in life nothing is definitive, and there’s is always margin for improvement or error.

What does have to do with us?

At Khan Direct I take the ‘Bubble Bee Effect’ very seriously, in fact it is our mantra!

To us this gives us the indication is no such thing as ‘plateau’, this is just a mindset into believing a certain person or company has hit its maximum and therefore growth will no longer continue. I consider this to be nothing but a limiting belief.

My Strategy is to review each marketing plan with a fresh outlook. No matter how good or bad their current status.

I believe there is always room for improvement and to continually strive to look at new possible solutions. I also do not consider the idea of throwing everything on the wall and seeing what sticks.

I look to see what has worked and expand on that platform. At the same time I would also look at new avenues of exposure.

I do not have the ‘conveyor belt’ mindset for our clients, where one type of product or service will fit all. This would place a limitation on us.

Instead I believe each company is different, even if several of them have the similar type of product. Each client has their own unique blend of rigidity and flexibility. Therefore I have a bespoke approach for every client I see.

In all cases ‘the BB effect’ is always be the centre of our minds. This helps us to push the boundaries of our own mindset to new capabilities I hadn’t thought of.


Ali Khan

Ali Khan