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If you have been suffering from money problems for a long time, than chances are you have been effected from a mind virus.

Depending on the level you have, these viruses will not kill you, but they do slowly chip away at your true potential self that will hamper your life to a much smaller outcome.

A high dose of these mind virus will produce a lot of stress which could play havoc to your health.

They will make you avoid the goals you have aspired all your life. There are many mind viruses people live with day of day, however for the sake of this blog I will cover four of the big ones.

Again to reinstate, when it comes to money, there are four main viruses that could be an obstacle, these are:

Afraid of being a success.
Lack focus mentality.

Which one do you suffer from?
Can you resonate with any of them?
You may even suffer from more than one.

I can assure you if you have been trying to become wealthy and keep failing, chances are you carrying one or more of these viruses. In essence these are ‘Dream Killers’.

If you still feel you cannot categorize yourself to any of them, then let’s explore further on each points:

Worthiness issue:

Can you think of a time when someone important in your life such as a relative, friend or teacher made a statement in your formative years that had an impact on you? They associated something negative to you which you have never forgotten about?

We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lifetime, but for some people these negative statement effected them so deeply they have allowed it to carry on effecting them all their life.

It could have been an upset parent calling you ‘Stupid’ in the heat of the moment because you broke a glass in the house, someone calling you ‘Dumb’ because you got low grades in school by an insensitive idiot uncle. Or a teacher tells not to think about becoming a doctor because he thinks you are not capable enough. These statements somehow got ingrained into the deep layers of your mind that may still affect you today.

You have to understand all are projections that reflect back to the insecurities from the person who made the statement.

But they somehow get stuck to you, leaving you with the conclusion:

“You are not good enough”
“You are stupid …”
“You are not clever enough”
“You are not deserving of …”
“You are not good looking enough”

This worthiness issue is a terrible limitation belief. It would not only slowly chip away and destroy your self-esteem, it can also extend outwards to affect your relationship with other people.

To make things worse, no one wants to be around a person who carries this belief. In the end whoever has a very low self-worth, will end up being alone.

If you feel you have an element of this trait than it has to be addressed quickly.

We will look into the solutions later on in the blog. Right now let’s look at the second point because it could also include you.

Afraid of Being a Success:

This is when a person feels they will lose all their loved ones: family and friends if they succeed.

Therefore they will then sabotage their upward ‘ladder to success’ by making costly mistakes that would ultimately ruin their chances of going to the next level.

This person is living in a quiet desperation of pleasing others instead of pursuing their own dreams.

It is important to reflect back and recognize if you have this trait. They are a slave to how other’s think about them.

These types of people have failed even before they have stepped into the race. They are terrified of change and need constant validation what they are doing is ok from everyone else.

They are running on other people’s terms instead of their own.


Have you ever met some people that always have the worst luck? Nothing ever goes right for them. It’s like they are always going through life from one disaster after another.

On the most part it is not because their life is out of control. On the contrary they are allowing these events happen to them.

I know this may sound crazy to some, and many people may even fight with me about this, but I can assure you, on the most part this is a mind virus.

Why does this happen? Where does it stem from?

The reason for this is because they are always looking for love and attention. If they can get someone to feel sorry for them they get love.

They are a bit like vampires, except these people will suck the energy out of you instead of blood.

Let me give you an example to illustrate this better…

I have a friend name Randy Gage whose back would always bend out of shape every year. He would end up having to going to the Chiropractor to get it straighten. He would also be bedridden for a couple of days, then after a while his back would straighten and heal back to normality.

This would happen like clockwork every year. As soon as he realized this is because of a victimhood mentality. His back never went out shape again. He hasn’t visited a Chiropractor in over a decade. Before that it was getting professional help on a yearly occurrence throughout his adult life.

To them being a victim of a tragedy is the only way to get love. They will never be successful because that’s the opposite of being a victim. It is a perception of receiving no love. As long as they stay playing the victim card they will stay in that bubble.

One of the symptoms of this is getting into cycles of depression an anger. When they have high energy they are angry at the situation they are in. when they get tired being in that state and go into low energy they get depressed. My Friend Tony Robbins calls this the ‘hateful eight’ cycle. It’s because the depression and angry cycles become connected.

Unless a person recognizes they are in a Victimhood situation they will never be able to get out. They are constantly living in a roller coaster ride of hell.

It can seem very hard to break out of this level but actually it’s a lot easier than you might think. More on that later.

Lack Focus Mentality

As a child we are told everything is finite. Do you remember your economics or geography class where you was told there are only finite number of resources available on Earth. And then as you grow up, you are constantly being told there is finite number of money available in the country, there is only finite number of jobs available in the country. There are only a finite number people that can live in the world.

Everything we told about is finite. We are generally never told of the opposite. In the long run, this can cause an issue.

Thus some people will end up viewing life with lack rather than abundance. To these people everything is finite. They are incredibly pessimistic about everything. They are hoarders, they do not spend anything what they cannot control. They will only focus on the negative ramifications on every decision as opposed to looking at the whole picture.

This type of person is not a ‘people pleaser’, they do not truly care about anyone but themselves.

Anytime they get a good opportunity they will refuse to get on board, because they focus on lack all the time. They will never succeed in the long run.

Now let’s talk about how to get out of these mind viruses.

You have to be honest with yourself and admit if you fall into one of these categories. Self-realization is important but only half the battle.

Understand your past does not equal the present or the future. Once you believe this your self-worth will increase.

You are the master of you mind, not the other way round.

You have to break the chains of being a people pleaser. If people are unhappy at your success, it is because of their own self-worth is being challenged.

Things like love and money are infinite, there are no limits to this.

People love to be around successful people, therefore aspire to become successful and prepare to receive a lot of love.

Worthiness, being afraid of success, victimhood and thinking in lack are reactions, they come from programs.

Think of each thought as a thread, many thoughts of the same topic intertwined within one another is a program.

In its basic term a program is a collection of thoughts developed from life experiences.

The problem comes from programs from a mind virus, it gives a distorted view point to life. These negative programs will live as long as we give them energy.

To destroy the program you have to cut the threads of thought.

That would mean to longer give the thought any energy.

It may seem very hard but I can assure its not, the problem is the person has got used to running the same program all the time, this has developed into a habit.

Therefore you have to break the habit, so it would seems difficult at first, but after hardship there is ease.

Every time you realize you are in a negative program, you no longer give it energy.

If you feel you are instinctively running the program again, you just have to remove it from your mind by cutting the cord.

My friend Tony Quinn has very easy solution to this. He calls it ‘Being In The Now’, the aim of this game is to fill your mind with the five basic senses (sight, hearing, taste and smell and touch) all at the same time wherever you are.

Try running it for five minutes now and see how you feel. When you do this you will find you are unable to run any of the negative programs. Try running this process again for 30 minutes.

Every time you get a negative program coming into your head, break free and go back to ‘being in the now’.

Living in negative programs is anti-life. Being in the now is living in life.

It’s like looking at the beautiful ocean through a very dark lens. Once you are ‘being in the now’, you have stopped giving energy to the negative programs and you have removed the dark lens. That way you will be able to see the ocean in its full color.

There are some more tools you can use by reading the book ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by Robert Alan. In it you will find:

What are the different types of thought – good and bad?
Effect of thought and its circumstances.
The effects of thought on our health and body.
How do thoughts hold your purpose?
What are the thought steps to achievement?
How can thought effect our visions and Ideals?
How to reach Serenity in your life?

This eBook is free, there is nothing to pay for it. It is downloadable in PDF from this link.

The audio version on format mp3 is also available for iPhone or Android is on this link. The price for audio is $6.97. You will be able to hear that at your leisure wherever you are.

To your Success

Ali Khan

PS: Remember it is important to keep you mind free from these mind viruses, because they are dream killers.