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On the previous blog I wrote about the ‘Dream Killers’. I listed out four of them. Those are dangerous to you future of obtaining wealth. However there is one more I did leave out…

Not because it is not worthy of mention.

Far from it…

It is the most important, therefore deserves a blog post of its own. This mind virus is the mother of ALL viruses when it comes to you and your achievement in becoming financially affluent.

This mind virus is a ‘Parasite’ of the worst kind.

In addition, it is also very subtle and therefore almost impossible to detect in the beginning, it is quite often invisible under the radar. This mind virus is in stealth mode. To the mind it is:

It is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
It is the Trojan horse of destruction.
It is the Manchurian candidate.
It is the poison apple given to Snow White.

Ok, enough of the metaphors, I think you get the picture.

However before we proceed. I have to offer you the following question with a warning…

Do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill?

This question comes with the caveat that you will not be the same after reading this post. Take the red pill if you are not interested in accumulating wealth other than what you already have achieved. To the person taking this pill: ‘Ignorance really is bliss’.

The blue pill is for the people who want to be successful. Enormously successful. After taking this pill the stealth parasite mind virus will be exposed, you will always be able to detect it.

For those of you who took the blue pill, you can now have the answer.


In order for you to fully comprehend the virus we have to take a trip down to memory lane.

Random as this may sound, there is a reason to this question. Do you recall how you felt when you first saw the movie Titanic?

At the time of me watching this, my friend and I were teenagers on a double date in the cinema. We were all sat at the back to the screen room, making loud conversations, laughing at silly jokes, and throwing popcorn around in the beginning.

Much to the dismay of me and my friend, after a short while the girls got sucked into the film, as opposed being interested in us. Leaving ALL of us to watch the darn chick flick, without any intimate action on our part. Damn you James Cameron.

However as the film went on I remember getting completely got blown away from it. James Cameron went to great lengths to capture the size, structure and design of the ship, inside and out. He was even meticulous in detail on the cutlery. He truly took great care into making sure the audience took in the full ambience of Titanic. It was almost as if we were there.

And of course to add to this he included the fictitious romantic story to have us emotionally hooked and tied to the film. The three hours and fifteen minutes of the film seemed to pass like a breeze.

With a tragic end to sinking ship, I can remember all the waterworks was in full flow with the girls crying their eyes out. They really knew how to tug at the heart strings, embarrassingly I even got a little choked up. To my defense, they made us invest so much time into caring about the characters. Therefore to see some of them at their demise in the end was a little…Well…Emotional.

But putting that aside, in the end, it made my friend and I look like the heroes with our shoulders for the girls to lean on for emotional support. Thank you James Cameron.

Outside of my own little interaction with the movie, this film was a blockbuster hit around the world. It amassed viewings to epic proportions. It was the talk of the town for months. Towards the end it generated a colossal amount of $2 Billion. Giving James Cameron a cool $400 Million into his own pocket.

Not a bad pay for a good job done for himself. But was it a good job done for the rest of us?

Let’s a do a little diagnostics on this three hour long saga in a summarized form…

The premise of the film is basically a love triangle between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), Rose (Kate Winslet) and Caledon (Billy Zane).

Jack is a poor kid who is an artist with a happy go lucky attitude to life.
Rose is a young ambitions person with high aspirations to life, who is being wooed by her mother to marry someone who she doesn’t love.
And Caledon who is the rich, evil sadistic guy, with zero personality, and charm that could bore you to death.

It doesn’t Rose long to realize Caledon is too obnoxious for her to handle, therefore Rose decides to kill herself by jumping off the boat. She is stopped by Jack who saves her and there the story begins to set on a relationship that comes into fruition between Jack and Rose.

I have no problem with a story itself, the issue comes in when it is geared portraying the rich as boring, pompous, selfish, arrogant, set in their ways, bad taste in food, and awful taste in music.

Whereas the poor are shown as people who to eat fantastic food, always smiling, always happy, great conservationist, always laughing, and good dancers with great music.

You can see where I am going with this. Not only was this a blatant negative portrayal of the affluent, but it was also a lie.

But they placed that under the blanket by getting the audience to support the underdog Jack and his romantic involvement with Rose, all around the sinking ship.

This film was full of negative subliminal messages on the people of wealth. A person without realizing this can easily have those messages imprinted into them in sub conscious level.

James Cameron repeated the same theme with his latest film Avatar. He is not the only culprit to do this. There have been many films that follow this type. Think back and you will find this has been re-occurring throughout for decades.

On the whole you will always find them painting wealthy people with the same brush as:

Out of place.

The list goes on and on. Sure there are wealthy who do possess these qualities, but some people of low wealth also have the same traits.

So what does that have to do with you?
You might think this is not a big deal. On the contrary this has everything to do with you, it is a big deal. There is a big difference between based reality and actual reality.

If a person begins to feel all the negative traits on wealthy people (this becomes their based reality), than that person will never obtain wealth for him or herself. No matter how hard they try, they will remain poor because they can never go against their based reality.

As soon as I became aware of this mind virus, I became very vigilant to what I watching on the data sphere (TV and Internet).

You have to be mindful what you are imputing into the mind and it is important to flag this mentally every time you come across it.

Remember if your based reality is negative on the people of wealth than you are doomed to failure. You will not succeed. You have align your based reality to actual reality.

One of all time classics books will help you to do this, it will put you into the right direction. It is a twenty year study on the richest people of early last century. It is a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

In it you will find secrets of thought patterns of the brightest minds who amassed great fortunes. These people were diverse in their upbringing within different industries but they had similar thought patterns on how they conducted their businesses.

This book gives a great insight into how they viewed the world. This is a timeless classic that has already sold millions around the world. It is modestly priced at $14.97. You can instantly download your copy from this link.

I hope you have enjoyed reviewing this blog and found it useful. I am glad you too the blue pill. Life will never be the same for you again.

To Your Success

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

PS: This mind virus has now been exposed. Be sure to be mindful of its occurrence. Be careful to feed the mind with the right content, read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by downloading your copy here.

PPS: To those of you who have the DVD copy of the Titanic, I would advise you to burn this by throwing it into the fire.