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Flower Shop In Turmoil
Sally first opened her business a year ago. she initially did well within the small community village. But soon she ran into trouble as soon as the enormous supermarket opened and directly competed with her.

She quickly ran to the library got out some marketing books to research what could be done.

After some research she began to realise what steps she needed to take. She took on the following instructions and soon had a vibrant successful company.

Combination Codes To Your Marketing Success
For many companies a marketing success can be just a few simple tweaks on their existing marketing strategies. The most difficult part is to find these tweaks.

These tweaks are any of the following categories

The most important part to your advertising campaign. A headline is the ad for an ad. It is the single most important part to an ad. This can make the difference between success or failure. This is the part many businesses do not spend a lot of time on. I will help to create many template headlines that best suit your product/service, this would help will trigger your prospects to take action.

Testing the Ad
The only way of achieving a successful ad is through effective testing.  Depending on your business product/service there are several different campaign online and offline strategies. I would help analyse the best one suited to your business.


Finding ways to reach the right audience is the next most important component to the puzzle. Exposing the best ad to the wrong audience would not be fruitful to your marketing success. I will provide several different methods to reach the right target audience.

Drive To Conversion
The last part of the puzzle is to guide the prospect to make a purchase with ease. Therefore you have to make sure all their questions are answered on the website, product documents and brochures.

Please make note: A confused mind will always say ‘no’. Clarity is ‘King’. There is art to getting a conversion on copy. I will give you insights on the right trigger words that will help you on conversion.

This would be worth its weight in gold.

My Offer to You
Right now for a limited time on the initial consultation, the first 20 minutes will be FREE. In that meeting you will receive secrets to designing a successful marketing system.

You will get:
Twelve points that could significantly change your marketing strategy to help you get better conversions.
Seven marketing traps you need to avoid that could save you a ton of cash.
Quick snapshot exposure to different types of offline/online promotions, such as Direct Marketing, Newspaper and Magazine ads, Company webpage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
A quick guildeline of how to use each of these to work together to create a ‘synergy marketing effect’.
100+ actual successful headlines you can customise on your business.
List of persuasive content to use within campaigns to help get prospects attention.

Satisfaction Guarantee PLUS – Iron Clad Guarantee
After the 20 minute consultation if you feel you have not received valuable information that could significantly change you business than I am happy for us to part ways.

You do not need to return these bonuses; they are yours to keep for FREE. You will have no obligations send them back.

Please fill in the form below and I will contact you to arrange an appointment for our initial FREE consultation.

I look forward to working with you

To You Success

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

PS: Within 20 minutes of our consultation, I can outline twelve points on your business that could significantly change your marketing strategy for the better and to help you get better conversions.

PPS: These bonuses are yours to keep for FREE, even after the consultation. There are no obligations send them back.