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Marketing is my art form, I take it to an extreme. It is my passion, my drive, and my insatiable thirst. Lets work together and skyrocket your business. Give me seven days I will build you a money-making system that will give you explode your sales. I would be proving you:

Lazy Man’s Guide Never Ending Profit Sales

I am a Marketing expert; my specialty is to create automated systems, that produces lifetime residual incomes.

Marketing Is No Longer Easy
We all live, breath, eat and sleep in a marketing bubble; we are constantly being bombarded with it. On the whole, the general public has become desensitized from all the information, this is to compensate from being overwhelmed.

It is because of this we have become automated drones going about with our daily routines.

To sift and sort through information for any individual would be overwhelming. Businesses today struggle they are unable to stand out from anyone else.

 This is the reason why you would need my help!

What Do I Do?
I create systems that help companies stand out from the crowd. I do this by drawing out proven system that will help to show significant results in seven days.

I start this by finding everything about the company& product or service. I list out all the benefits and features about the product or service.

I construct the marketing system that is tailored to your company to maximise its sales revenue.

Creating several marketing vehicles does this, these would entail:

Online Deployment:
Tweaking business web site on its content critique. This would help to trigger the users reviewing the company website to make the right decisions in reaching out to you for more information. The second reason would be to significantly improve Google ranking to help evaluate you website to be on the first page specific search listing.

Text and Display campaign ads for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.
How to generate new leads and finally convert from company Twitter account.
Constructing a three step marketing system on lead generation for prospects received from the above online vehicles.

Offline Deployment:
Construct Sales letters for you to send across to your existing clients to upsell.
Critique your existing ads and to create new ads for magazines and newspapers.
Review and look into Classified ads for your company.

I can help you create a proven system that will show significant results in seven days. Creating a marketing strategy by combining Offline and Online ads to generate good qualifies ad.

My Offer to You
Right now for a limited time only I am excited to offer you a window of opportunity for you to hire me for FREE on a 20 minute consultation.

Before the consultation you will send me information about your product/service and all of your media outlet assets for me to review.

At the consultation, I will jump straight into giving your feedback about your current marketing strategy. In addition to this I shall also reveal new strategies online and offline for you to follow and implement and get positive results within seven days.

By signing into the FREE consultation you would also be eligible to get seven bonuses at no extra cost to you.

Bonus 1: eBook –21 Power Principles to Maximise You Business Success.

This eBook outlines in detail tips and technique you should be using to building strong business.

Bonus 2: eBook – 108 Ways To Build an Outstanding Online Business.

This eBook gives you a checklist of online strategies you should be using on your website.

Bonus 3: eBook – ‘Free Marketing Tools’

This eBook lists the free marketing tools you can use right now to generate extra revenue at no extra cost.

Bonus 4: eBook – Greatest Sales Letters

This eBook reveals five of all time classic sales letters to generate tens of millions of dollars. You can use these as a template to create your own sale letters for offline and online.

Bonus 5: eBook – Million Dollar Emails

This eBook shows a list of successful email letters sent to client lists which helped create high conversions, breaking previous sale records.

Bonus 6: eBook & Audio – Persuasive Copywriting.

This eBook will reveal step by step template guide on how to write profitable ads and sales letters.

Bonus 7: eBook Transcript & Audio – Vincent James Interview

This recorded interview with the legend Vincent James. He goes into detail how he built a successful business generating to an amazing $100 million per year business, starting out with just $1500 a few years before.

He also lost a significance portion of this business to the due to corrupt Government regulations. Vincent also reveals the pitfalls he fell into at the time and what strategies you should use to avoid them.

All eBooks are in format PDF and audio in format mp3.

These bonuses are yours to keep for FREE, even after the consultation you decide to part ways. You will no obligations send them back.

Satisfaction Guarantee PLUS
After the 30 minute consultation if you feel you have not received enough valuable information that could significantly change you business than I will offer another 30 minute of consultation absolutely FREE. This would be a saving of a whopping $500 to you. Please click at the button below to arrange an appointment for our initial FREE consultation. I look forward to working with you

To You Success.

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

PS: I can help you create a proven system that will show significant results in seven days. Contact me right away and lets get the ball rolling.

PPS: These bonuses are yours to keep for FREE, even after the consultation. You will no obligations send them back.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][dt_contact_form fields=”name,email,telephone,company,website,message” required=”name,email”][/vc_column][/vc_row]