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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many people say 1985 was a pivotal year for them. Some say it was a good, others would say it was a terrible year for them.

This is a story about two entrepreneurs who owned completely different businesses at that time. These two entrepreneurs were named Jack and Elwin.

Jack had a Vinyl selling business and Elwin had a delivery company. They both had the same size business.

Jack would manufacture the Vinyl’s and hire Elwin to deliver them to his clients. Jack had a big client list therefore made good cash flow. Elwin would not only have Jack as his client, he also made deliveries for other clients on different products. His business was also doing well.

In a nutshell, Jack was in the manufacturing industry.
Elwin was in the distribution industry.

Five years go by…

By 1990 Jack’s manufacturing business is in major trouble. The $25 billion dollar vinyl industry has completely been destroyed. No one is ordering vinyl anymore. Everyone is going to CDs.

Almost all of Jack’s clients are either out of business or gone very small. This has played havoc to Jack’s bottom line. This forces Jack to change his business to manufacturing CDs. After some time and spending a ton of cash he’s finally able to achieve his objective. His next step is to get clients. This also takes some time but he gets through it and gets the business to flourish again.

Elwin continues to make deliveries for all his clients. His orders may have dropped from Jack business. The change in technology did not affect Elwin’s business. He had a lot of other clients he continued to make deliveries.

Jack had to make a lot of changes to make sure his business stays afloat. While Elwin’s business tripled in sized.

Jack’s manufacturing industry took a big hit and did not grow.
Elwin’s distribution industry grew like wildfire.

By the year 2000, people are no longer buying CDs as much. Everyone is now buying mp3 players.

It’s been good for Jack whiles CD were in demand but now he’s back to the same situation as in 1990. This time he does not have the heart to change the business and decides to close the business down.

Elwin’s delivery business has grown ten times than compared to 1985. He now delivers in multiple countries with ten thousand deliveries everyday.

He is considering making his public company on the stock market. This is great news for Elwin. Things have never look so good for his business.

The Moral of the Story is quite simple:

The manufacturing industry is always changing with time. This is due to technology progress with better products being made.

The distribution industry is always in sync with time. New technology would come in to bring bigger and better vehicles (cars, trucks and planes). This has not made any difference. The planes don’t fly any faster and the road limit restrictions remain the same for cars and trucks throughout the years.
Therefore time has not affected Elwin’s business.

Today we are living within ‘Information Distribution’ industry. It is better for you to make an informational product and deliver it through the Internet. That way you never have to worry about manufacturing issues.

In conclusion, the greatest business in the world is distribution. Technology and time work for you.

To Your Success

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

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