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Imagine Getting Exclusive Unlimited Access to Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas’s Complete Collection of Presentations – Including Super-Star Guests

For Less Than A Starbucks Coffee A Day!

Get Instant Access To Ted Nicholas’s Most Valuable Presentations Of All Time For Just $1 – If You Love It, it’s Just $27.77 A Month!

Introducing …

The Complete Ted Nicholas Legacy Collection:

Billion Dollar Marketing Toolkit

Here’s a Few of The Courses From This Incredible Bundle…

(With Tons More On The Way!)

Ted Magic Words That Grow Your Business – [STREAMING AUDIO] $197  Featuring twenty plus hours of Ted Nicholas in his prime, one of his first presentations on business, copywriting, discusses things like prerequisites for becoming rich, the importance of positive self-talk, keys to success, getting results with direct marketing and tons more! (You get complete program for $1 for 30 Days!) 

Unrevealed Wealth Secrets Seminar –  [STREAMING VIDEO] $197  This turned out to be Ted’s final live presentation. In his usual heart, soul, and generosity spilling the beans on his wealth of knowledge of business, marketing, copywriting. Including some very unique brain-building exercises to help you succeed in business. Featuring very special guest Matt Furey.

How To Survive & Prosper During Tough Economic Times – [STREAMING AUDIO] $97 As an entrepreneur it’s likely you’re suffering many of the effects of the tough times experienced now all over the world. There is virtually no business anywhere that hasn’t seen their sales decline and experienced layoffs. And have trouble collecting money due the business. Solutions may seem elusive. And outrageously expensive. This seminar will give you valuable and valued solutions to your major concerns, especially increasing revenues and building your brand. Ted reveals many of his unconventional secrets of exploding your sales with little or no investment!

The number one mistake you can make as an entrepreneur during a recession is to stop your marketing. Most people look at marketing as an expense. In, “How To Survive & Prosper During Tough Times” Ted reveals why this is never a good idea. **Includes Ted’s legendary fill-in-the-blank workbook that will help reinforce the concepts presented. You can even print it out!

The Dream Information Publishing Home-Study Course – [STREAMING VIDEO] $297 Discover how you can enter info-publishing, the world’s most ideal, exciting and profitable business. You can run it all safely from your own home! Make the really big money now! You can begin with very little capital or writing skills! What you do need is special know-how. And this is exactly what Ted Nicholas, the world’s most successful information publisher in history, will reveal to you in this very special digitally-remastered course.

How To Be A Successful Writer & Self-Publisher – The Lost Tapes [STREAMING AUDIO] $197 Featuring very special guest presenter, the late, great Mr. Gary C. Halbert, this rare recording is truly considered by many to be Ted’s “Seminar of The Century!”  This is Ted at the top of his game! The entire 20 hour event was captured on tape. But for some unknown reason the tapes were missing for 27 years! The seminar was so good, the demand so great at the time, that even Ted himself sold his last personal copy! Only a few thousand copies were ever produced. They were sold exclusively at that time, until they were sold out. Never to be re-produced. But now you can get it! 

The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp – [STREAMING VIDEO] $297 Beat the recession! Good copy is always needed, especially during tough economic times like today! And remember this fact. No matter what business you may be in, or what product or service you market, you must employ powerful, persuasive, great copy or you will not succeed. This course covers every aspect of writing persuasive and powerful sales copy.

Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp – [STREAMING VIDEO] $167 Become your own best copywriter. No skill will pay you more handsomely. Imagine yourself writing copy that is so compelling, people from all over the world who have never heard of you before are flooding you with orders. I don’t care whether you’ve ever written a single word. This dream can soon become your reality. What a lifestyle awaits you! Whether you work for your own company or for clients, a huge income alone is not the only benefit. You will enjoy a lifestyle of your dreams. 

How To Succeed Online & Offline In Business & In Life Success In The Sun [STREAMING AUDIO] $297 Featuring special guest marketing experts, Bob Bly and Matt Furey and some other very special mystery guests. Discover how to prepare irresistible e-books and hard-cover books without writing a single word yourself. Learn the simple 9-word sentence Ted said to himself daily that will help you become enormously persuasive and happier too! How to price your product for maximum sales. How to close 300% more sales with a simple technique I’ve never disclosed before

Success Secrets of 11 Self-Made Millionaires –  [STREAMING VIDEO] $197Real-world marketing & business advice by 11 Self-Made Millionaires presented in an easy-to-understand format.  Apply these money-making strategies immediately to your business!  The special guest speakers include none other than the legendary Dan Kennedy!  Plus; T. Harv Eker, Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen, and 7 more amazing speakers!   

Think & Live Debt Free Forever – [STREAMING AUDIO] $97 Discover valuable secrets on how to live a debt free life. Learn the difference between good debt & bad debt! Learn what to do with your credit card debt. Learn how to improve your negotiating skills to get better dealsLearn about delayed gratification. Learn how the law of “distraction” works. And tons more! Along with the audio recording you’ll also receive the complete word-for-word printable transcript!!

How To Negotiate Rights To Books & Other Products – [STREAMING AUDIO] $47 Ted Nicholas presents an effective course in getting rights to books. Not one marketer in ten thousand, knows a single thing about these concepts. You can virtually apply these concepts to any product or service. You’ll be able to make enormous profits if you apply these concepts to getting rights to other products. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to market their own products effectively and you can take full advantage of that and make millions!

In this course you will discover the actual ‘magic words’ to use when negotiating marketing rights to books. Ted Nicholas provides the dialogue to use when calling publishing companies. You’ll also discover the importance of acquiring rights to products that are perennial, rather than just a seasonal type of product. You will learn the right questions to ask and how to build a “yes” momentum when asking the publisher questions about getting rights. You will learn how to negotiate royalty percentages, etc. How to put together a terms of agreement document, and more!

And more amazing Ted Nicholas courses coming soon!

…You simply cannot put a price tag on this program when you consider what you’ll glean from this enormous 300 plus hour package! It’s bursting at the seams with the most powerful real-world marketing, copywriting, and business concepts from Ted the legend! Once you discover the secrets that Ted reveals to you, and you put it into action, you’ll be on your way to skyrocketing your business!

Who better to learn from than the millionaire-maker himself,  Ted Nicholas?

Success is believing you can. Success is finding a mentor to help guide, motivate, and inspire you. You get exactly that with this massive mentoring package!  This is an entrepreneur’s dream toolkit!

Who better than Ted
Nicholas ‘The Millionaire-Maker’ And His


you along the way?

One of most successful direct-response copywriters of all-time, Ted Nicholas made multi-millions for himself and his clients! What most people don’t realize however,  Ted experienced his share of failures too!

By studying Ted’s copywriting and business concepts, he will show you how to avoid the extremely costly mistakes he made, saving you a ton of money and heartache!

You’ll get streaming access to each and every seminar. Yours to absorb at your own pace, from the convenience of your own home. On your computer, phone, tablet, etc.  

This program is invaluable for you. If you absorb and apply all the material in, “The Ted Nicholas Legacy Collection,” you’ll succeed in a big way!  There’s no way you can’t!  

After devouring all 300 plus hours of these courses you will know what success looks like.  You will be able to define it more clear in your mind. And finally make it a reality!

This program gives you Ted’s entire legacy of presentations, for less than a cup of coffee a day!  And the best part, we’ll be adding more and more content as we go along!   

This is by far the largest Ted Nicholas program we’ve ever released. Over 300 hours worth of golden nugget marketing information and that’s just for starters! 

There’s no way you won’t succeed if you study all the material and put it all into action! All we’re asking you is give it a try for a month for…Only $1 Dollar!  

During your One Dollar 30-Day Trial Period you’ll have access to the streaming audio presentation of Ted’s legendary, “Magic Words That Grow Your Business.” Seminar.   

You heard that right; you get the full Magic Words presentation.  By itself,  “Magic Words That Grow Your Business” sells for $197

But you won’t pay that! You get the entire program for just ONE DOLLAR! Then, on day thirty-one, you’ll pay just $27.77 (monthly recurring) and begin receiving the remaining Ted Nicholas courses – one course per month

That’s it! 

Worse case…you’re out a whole dollar!  That won’t kill ya, I’m taking all the risk!  

We want you to get the most out of “The Ted Nicholas Legacy Collection”  We want you to take everything you’ve learned and put it all into action. Which is why we’ve decided to release each of these products in a specific sequence. We’ll send one course each month. It’s a ton of information, therefore we believe that by releasing it in smaller chunks you’ll be able to absorb it much easier.  

Of course…you may cancel at anytime!

(Optionally, the yearly subscription, or Tier-2, is only $287.  This option gives you access to the entire collection instantly for a full year, no monthly payment!  Tier-3 is the Lifetime Access option, no monthly payment, for just $997. Scroll to bottom of page for more details.)  

The Ted Nicholas Legacy Collection” covers all the bases of business from marketing to info-publishing to copywriting, to self-development, health, life, & even exercise!

Any of these courses individually will help you tremendously in your business and many folks have become millionaires as a result.  Plus it would cost you over $100 for just a single course! But now you will get exclusive access to Ted’s entire Legacy of Seminars!  

To my knowledge, there’s nothing of it’s kind anywhere else on the planet!

We dream big as entrepreneurs. But sometimes we get stuck in our own heads and are unable to realize our dreams, I know I do. This tool kit will get you out of your own head and help you realize your dream of becoming a multi-millionaire!

If this program doesn’t show you how to build wealth, I don’t know what will. Learn the concepts presented, apply them to your business and you’ll have people paying you large sums of money in no time!

Here’s few things you’ll learn in this massive collection…

The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Sales Letter Revealed

Discover The Essential Elements Of A Million Dollar Headline

How To Attract More People To You & Your Business

How To Find The Biggest Benefits for Your Product or Service

How to Become a Celebrity In Your Field

How To Create & Sell Info-Products Online

How To Use The Right Words To Enhance Your Business & Life

How To Find Great Business Opportunities

Success From Change And Action

The Benefits And Limits Of Wealth

How To Exceed The Limits Of Your Comfort Zone

How To Grab The Customer’s Attention

Essential Elements Of A Million Dollar Headline

Finding The Biggest Benefits for Your Product or Service

How to See Things from A Buyer’s Point Of View

How To Set The Tone for Your Offer

Formatting The Type In Your Advertisement

Paying Attention To The Visual Elements

What’s The Best Size For An Ad

Integrating Your Ad Into The Publication

Questions To Ask When Critiquing Your Own Copy

13 Aspects of An Ideal Business

Examples of Ideal Businesses

Worldwide Opportunities

Telecommunications To Internet Marketing

Examples Of Regulatory Problems

Headlines For Various Ventures

Marketing On The Radio And Internet

Headlines for Entrepreneurs, Investors, And Telecommunications Companies

Focusing on Your Niche

How To Sell Info-Products Online

How To Get Setup Online & Establish A Web Presence

Creating, Marketing, And Mailing Your Booklet

 How To Develop A Web Site That Sells

Successful and Non-Successful Web Campaigns

Promoting Your Web Site

How To Send Great Follow-Up Letters

How To Create a Brochure and Lift-Letter

How to Put Together Your Mail Kit

How To List The Price of Your Product

How To Use Personal Affirmations For More Success

Getting into A Peak Emotional State Before Writing

Finding the Right Copywriter

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Copywriter

Sales-Letter Tips To Boost More Sales

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Sales Letter

What to Put On Outside Of The Envelope

How To Test Your Product’s Pricing

How to Avoid Poor Delivery of Mail and Other Mistakes

Keeping A Personal Journal

The Ice-Cream-Cone Theory

How To Test Your Mailing

Tracking Your Ads 

How To Defy Conventional Wisdom for More Success

Delivering On Your Promise

The Power Of Words

The Logistics of A Large Mailing

Building A Good Relationship with Your Suppliers

When and How Much To Mail

Reviewing The Elements Of A Sales Kit

How To Negotiate a Good Deal In Space Advertising

How To Build Good Relationships with Magazines & Newspaper Folks

How To Create A Good Reputation as An Advertiser

How To Get Mailing Lists For Reasonable Rates

How To Negotiate Deals That Are Win-Win

Writing The Ad First, Then Creating The Product

The Power of Active Listening

The Power of Belief

The Process of Success

Ted Talks About his Early Mentors

How Ted Started Peterson’s Ice Cream & Candy Business

How To Make A Good First Impression

Discovering Your Aptitudes

And MUCH more!!

The Importance of Self-Talk And Self-Image

Getting Successful Results With Direct Marketing

How Ted Nicholas Became An Advertising Success

The Basics Of Communication

How To Get A Good Table at a Restaurant

Asking For What You Want – You Have Nothing To Lose

The Best Strategies For Sales Success

Answering Questions With Questions

The Business Plan That Always Succeeds

Finding The Obvious Benefits of Your Product or Service

Coming Up With Alternative Headlines

How To Find The Hidden Benefits

Testing Your Concepts

How to Create Successful Back-End Products

How To Advertise Effectively In Card Decks

An Overview Of The Advertising Media

How To Use Photography In Ads And Direct Mail

How To Write Strong, Clear, And Simple Copy

How To Write a Book

How To Launch A Book

How To Increase Ad Response

Learn about The Issues Of Copyright Law

The Importance of Your Ad’s Appearance

Advertising Agencies vs. Direct Marketers

Testing Alternative Guarantees That Boost Response Rate

How To Match Your Message To Your Target Audience

How To Get Motivated & Inspired To Write Great Sales Copy

How to Be More Open & Vulnerable In Your Copy To Increase Your Success

Six Subheads You Can Use Verbatim To Increase Sales

Creating Successful Two-Step Ads

How To Sell Through Space Ads & Classifieds

Using Your Phone To Make Sales

Essential Elements Of A Winning Mail Kit

Marketing to Businesses And People

Working from The Proper Address For Your Product

How To Include Effective Lift Letters and Brochures

How To Create The Components of A Successful Mail Kit

The Process of Writing a Successful Sales Letter

How To Give Your Prospects A Headache and Sell Them Aspirin

Creating A Compelling Reason to Buy

 How To Close Your Sales Letter – The Signature and P.S.

An Introduction to Tear-Sheet Mailings

Looking at Direct Mail as an Investment

Getting the Direct Mail to Your Customers’ Homes

The Elements of Newspaper And Magazine Tear Sheets

Following Up Tear Sheets

How to Position Your Tear Sheets

The History of Personalized Direct Mail

The Top 10 Ways to Ruin A Direct Marketing Campaign

The Process of Writing A 16-Page Sales Letter

Testing Brochures And Mailing Lists

Dealing With List Brokers And Owners

Increasing Your Chances of List Success

Marketing The Spiritual Side Of Life

Testing The Teaser Copy

Creating A New Marketing Campaign Around an Existing Book

Elements of The New Health Mailing

Studying The Work Of Copywriting Masters

Questions That Will Make Almost Any Ad Pay

The Power Of Headlines

The Importance of Reading As Much Advertising As Possible, Old And New

How Your Inner World Affects Your Outer World

How To Avoid Failure, Fear, And Negativity

Creating A Successful Image

Obtaining Exclusive Rights to Hot Products

Getting Information on The Retail Market-And from Your Competitors

Avenues for Low-Cost Marketing

Getting Into The Self-Publishing Business

How Success Changes Your Life

How To Take Measured Risks

Falling in Love with The Business of Business

Doing What You Love

How To Get Out Of & Avoid Debt

How To Develop a Successful Mindset

Creating an Appealing and Effective Message

Why should you get this?

It’s SUPER affordable!

The business concepts are universal and can be applied to any business

You’ll make more money

You be learning real world techniques from a master, Ted Nicholas, who started his first business at 19 and dedicated his entire life to the craft

And as an added bonus you’ll be mentored by other guest speakers like; Dan Kennedy, Matt Furey, Bob Bly, Trevor Crook, Ed Taylor, Gary C. Halbert,  T. Harv Eker, Robert Allen, and the like! 

.aceI’m for youLook, you’ve seen how you could make a fortune by using Ted’s strategies.

You read the incredible testimonials from folks who’ve already applied Ted’s strategies and it has brought them a fortune.

I’m making you an incredible offer to get this course. If you paying a business consultant, this would cost you ten times as much.

You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Now it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it you have three options….

Option#1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now. Maybe you already have enough money. Or you have your own strategy, you’ll figure it out for yourself. If that’s you, then maybe you don’t need this course.

But if you’d like to turn your business into a money-making machine than that leaves you with two other options…

Option#2: Wait until later.

You could perhaps wait until later, but if you act now you’re getting the best possible deal…

Option#3: Put the methods from this course immediately to work in your business and easily start earning thousands more dollars within the next six months. The next six month will still pass regardless of what you decide.

Of the three options, ask yourself…

What’s going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world…Those who only dream about achieving wealth and success without ever taking any action to make it happen.

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they dream of making lots of money. But we both know very few will ever actually make it happen.

Most people will just keep dreaming. While the few who are actually serious about growing their business and building wealth will take action.

Only you can decide.

Kind Regards,

     Dave Peterson

P.S.  Like I said, I’m taking all the risk here.  I’m nearly giving away access to “Magic Words That Grow Your Business” for an entire month. Worse case, you’re out a buck. I’m confident you’ll love this program. If not, simply cancel at anytime!  How can you lose?  

Here’s Why People Love Ted Nicholas Content:

“I’ve studied and devoured absolutely everything from Ted Nicholas. Why? Because the man knows direct marketing inside and out from living, breathing and doing it. Ted is one of 3 people who I owe my success to… and he might just be yours as well.”

Yanik Silver

Entrepreneur, Author, Adventurer

“Ted Nicholas is not only a mail order genius, but one of the best businessmen in the field. He not only knows how to sell but also how to hold on to the money made from selling.”

Eugene M. Schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising Author

“I’ve never seen anyone present as many specific money-making marketing techniques. Anyone that can’t use Ted’s secrets to make an absolute fortune must be brain dead.”

Brad Antin

Austin Marketing Group Clearwater, Florida

“There’s probably no human alive who knows more about direct marketing and copywriting, and how to make magazine advertising pay off than Ted Nicholas”

Gary Halbert

Copywriting Legend

“Ted Nicholas is one of the great founding fathers of internet marketing. To learn from him is a pleasure and a life experience. Not many speakers and can
teach you and move you to tears all at once.”

Bob Bly

Best-Selling Author

“Thank you for sharing a little bit of your
life with me.”

Jackie Tulos

Lawrenceville, GA,

Here Are Some More People Who Love Ted Nicholas Content:

“Ted, the most eye opening aspect of your presentation was the focus on one’s mental mindset and its affect on productivity. While this should be obvious, I guess I let that perspective get lost in the flail for accomplishment.

The other surprising item was your personal concern for other people. No wonder you can write from the heart. Writing from the heart was also eye opening. I have spent my life convincing and persuading – when I would likely have been more successful had I allowed myself to be more vulnerable.”

-William Grigson
Windermere, FL

“Ted…We really appreciate the time we had with you and the information you shared with us. Just the information alone about writing while in a peak emotional state will make a great difference in my copywriting.

All I can say is anyone having the opportunity to attend your multi-day event must not miss it, that could be the deciding factor between good and great results.”

“God bless in all you do.”

-Joe Marsh
Daytona, FL

“Ted Nicholas is much more than a copywriter.  He’s a sales genius who uses direct marketing tactics that entrepreneurs, small companies and large corporations alike would all use if they were smart.”

-Joe Farinaccio, Pennsville, NJ

“I can write a lot about the KING of marketing and it will be still less so just a brief: Mr. Ted you are the best at whatever you do. I personally admire you, the way you present and maintain great health and have a very good command over your audience. And you are the true genius of marketing and long live legend. I pray for your health so you keep on sharing your business expertise. All of us are in a learning process. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Thanks a million for coming to Orlando it was a great experience.”

-Naeem Chishty
Moreno Valley, CA

“Ted, I never thought that I’d get an opportunity to hear you but to have three of the best presentations was great.  Your information will change my business and writing. “Emotionally” will be the key.  While it will take some practice, I will be loving my life each day.  Thanks for coming to Orlando, we all appreciate it.”

-Jerry Stearns
Fargo, ND

“Wow!  What a positive, compassionate man!  He loves life and people, and it really shows.  His presentations were outstanding.”

-Sheila Fredrickson

“Thank you for such an AWESOME presentation and experience at Mark Hendricks’ recent Internet Success System conference. Over-delivery is an understatement of the practical, useful, and IMPLEMENTABLE information you shared. My copywriting will never be the same. You have breathed life into my sales letters.”

“Thank you SO much,”

-Cindi Dawson
The Teleseminar Coach
Staunton, VA

“Ted Nicholas is not only a great copywriter and marketer but a really nice guy.  Not only did I discover the secrets to writing great headlines and how to provide hidden benefits, but I also had the opportunity to talk with him one on one.  He is genuine, honest, and caring for the people he teaches and comes into contact with.  If you have the chance to learn from him, I suggest you do it!”

-Jason Blackston
Beaufort, SC

“I have learned from studying Ted Nicholas all my life. In just two hours onstage, he easily delivers enough valuable actionable information to put anyone on the right path to business success. Six hours? Amazing.

Ted Nicholas is ‘the turn-to man.’ The ONE guy to listen to. THEN the rest.”

-Alan Bechtold

“To say that Ted Nicholas knows his stuff is the understatement of the century.  And, what a breath of fresh air to see someone who is so successful not be only about the money, but about life. Bravo Ted! On a more practical level, his responses in the Q&A session were very valuable for me, so much so that I am looking at a web site redesign even though I am on the cusp of a new marketing campaign and his ability to drive right to the heart of a matter solved a dilemma for me that I have already acted upon and implemented, much to my relief.”

-Marie Kane

“Thank you for so generously sharing your valuable life and experience with us − just one tip made my approach to Google’s introduction of Newspaper print ads this week easy to implement.”

-Elsom Eldridge

“Ted Nicholas is truly one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. With his expertise he taught me an incredible amount about copywriting in a short period of time. But what really sets Ted apart from others is his view on life. He opened up my eyes to see what’s really important – not the future, not the past, but today! I hope I have the privilege of hearing him again.”

-J. Francoeur
Dunedin, FL

“It is amazing the gratitude that comes from this one individual!  Just think if we all could develop in that level of appreciation! WOW!

I need not say this, but his financial success is as rare as his wisdom about life.”


-K Smith

“I appreciate that Ted’s approach to copy writing starts with your heart and how to get yourself in the right state for creating good copy.  Then all the wonderful tested ideas that gave me a starting point for improving my copy. I especially liked his concept of finding and using the hidden benefit.”

-John Speck

“Hi Ted,

I was blown away with your level of energy, endless enthusiasm and wisdom that you shared with me and other participants. I feel very lucky to meet you and learn from you.

“Thank you for reminding me about most important purpose of my life.  I feel inspired and very grateful for your powerful words. I wish the best of luck to you in your journey to your ultimate goal (120 BD!).”

-Tatiana Ilin
Attleboro, MA

“Ted provides a wealth of information about the “power of the word”. His experience, insight and command of the audience is awesome. I particularly enjoyed his comments about life; the use of positive affirmations, support to and from your family and friends is critical, and finally – live in the process of life rather than focusing only on the outcomes. Ted is not only a master of words he is a master at living.”

-John Wierzba
Centennial, CO

“In my view there is one thing that puts Ted Nicholas head and shoulders above any other marketing expert I’ve met. He not only knows what he’s talking about … he knows he knows it and lives it.”

-Bernie Perry
Jeffersonville, IN

“Prior to listening to you, I had learned that my ads for the products that I sell should just have the details. So that is what I did. I could fall asleep writing the ads-which means potential buyers were probably falling asleep reading them.

I learned from you that it is ok to let my heart show in the ads. I now have to rewrite everything-but I am actually enjoying the task.”

-Donna Jones
Sunrise, FL

“Dear Ted,

It was both an honor and an absolute pleasure to have you present at the ISS conference.  Your knowledge is only matched by your giving heart.  We have your copywriting course and have learned much from it but nothing compares to how much we got from the information being shared by you live while your energy and excitement filled the room.

Thank you for sharing not just copywriting knowledge but success principles for life.

We have a much better understanding now of how to create emotional, heart to heart writing for everything we do. Thanks so much.”

-Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark
Baltimore, MD

“Ted Nicholas is one of the great founding fathers of internet marketing. To learn from him is a pleasure and a life experience. Not many speakers and can teach you and move you to tears all at once.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with me.”

-Jackie Tulos
Lawrenceville, GA

Dream Information Publishing Seminar

Unrevealed Wealth Secrets Seminar

Think & Live Debt Free Forever

How To Be a Successful Writer & Self-Publisher

The Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

The Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp

Success In The Sun Home Study Course

How to Survive and Prosper During Tough Economic Times

Magic Words That Grow Your Business

How To Negotiate Rights to Books and Other Products

Success Secrets of 11 Self-Made Millionaires